Posted on: March 5, 2010 6:43 pm

Commissioner Goodell

Commissioner Goodell should be IMPEACHED by the beginning of next season.He has made countless decisions that have caused anger in all of sports bloggers, such as Vick getting 23 1/2 months for his dog fighting ring, and Donte Stallworth getting 30 days in county jail.  Both were suspended indefinitely, but Vick got the worse of the deal.  Currently, both are employed in the NFL, but who had the final say? The Commissioner, and he didn't treat Vick fairly.  Which brings up the question, why should a man who is not fair to different people(non-the-less done many things that past commissioners have not done in past seasons), be the head of the NFL?  Plus, he has just gotten a contract extension!  Many people have complained, including the fans, that he should be replaced.(My hope is for Jeff Fisher to be the next commissioner)  Every year, all the NFL team owners get together and vote on issues and rules.This year they should have a vote to impeach the commissioner, because of unfairness, and bad decisions.
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